Provide a forum for education, advocacy, and social networking for Arlington County residents that live in rented homes or condos. 



Membership is open to condo owners and renters of all types including those residing in apartments, houses, townhouses, assisted living, and other dwelling types. An intention will be made to be inclusive of the entirety of the condo and renter population including all income levels, political affiliations, physical abilities, and identities. We encourage our membership to maintain an open mind and be welcoming to all.


Why Start the Condo Owners and Renters Coalition?

A majority of Arlingtonians rent or live in a multi unit building and are often left out of policy discussions. A lack of proportionate representation is pervasive in elected office, commissions, civic associations, and policy working groups. There is no organizing entity for this demographic in Arlington or northern Virginia at large. Other jurisdictions in the area with the same representative population, such as Washington D.C. and Richmond, have a dedicated advocacy organization. 


Issues related to a transient population and those living in multi unit buildings are inherently unique. By creating a dedicated organization to this demographic it will be easier to recruit potential members to decision making bodies such as commissions and will allow the public to better understand elected official’s positions relating to tenant and condo policy. 


Types of coalition members below


  • Condominium owners


  • Apartment renters

  • Condominium renters

  • Home renters

  • Townhouse renters

  • Assisted living